How it all began ...


Blissful Serenity LLC was created in 2017 following this beautiful, inspirational story.     

Sara Severson, founder of Blissful Serenity, had received word that her friend was losing her battle with cancer. The doctor had given the family 48 hours. Sara did something she never thought she could do. Her heart was tugging at her to go up to the hospital and sing for her friend and family. Her head said, "No way!" This was something she felt very uncomfortable about. Sara hadn't ever enjoyed hospital visits and death is something she hadn't had to deal with much in her life yet. But she did it. She brought her guitar up to her friend's hospital room and played and sang for her and her family. Words will never quite explain the feelings in that room. It was the most gratifying, honorable and amazing service she could have given someone. To be able to use her music talents to soothe a patient's (and her family's) mind, body & soul in a time of need is something Sara will always treasure. God bless you Putt Muzik.     

When Sara left the hospital that day, she told herself that she wanted to do this for a living. She wanted to provide therapeutic music to those who need it most. Through research, Sara found a wonderful program called The Music for Healing & Transition Program ( where she became educated on how to use the right music as a therapeutic method for all different kinds of patient conditions. Sara is now a Certified Music Practitioner and living out her dreams. Sometimes music is the best medicine someone needs!